Why Customized Innerwear

Why Customized ?

Design Legacy is the world’s first customized innerwear brand. This pioneering concept is a revolutionary change in the lifestyle of the contemporary man. Founded in 1989 by Rajasekar Kora, Design Legacy has a vision of transforming and redefining conventional innerwear standards.

Challenges Discovered 

The fundamental objective of introducing the concept of customization emerged from a holistic understanding of the international innerwear segment. Needs and expectations differ from one man to another and the realm of innerwear is no different. Innerwear measurements vary but standardized products do not factor this during manufacturing. Men and women around the globe, stick to traditional innerwear products that are many times observed to be uncomfortable or unsuitable. 

Innerwear is like second skin. Discomfort with undergarments can be one of the most troubling experiences throughout the day if you are wearing the wrong fit or size. A pilot survey of 30 men with waist size of 32” demonstrated that their innerwear measurements varied substantially. Some were comfortable with standardized innerwear but many weren’t. 

Design Legacy’s Solutions 

Beginning from the quality of fabric and proceeding to cuts and shapes, the entire conceptualization and production process is executed meticulously to ensure matchless comfort and immaculate designs. Introducing seam thickness of 50% instead of the usual 100% has helped in the making of a more comfortable final product. Also, only the finest quality of raw materials are used in the construction of every garment. 

Every piece of undergarment from the house of Design Legacy is exquisitely and meticulously crafted to give a customized appeal. The brand incorporates state-of-the-art cutting and sewing technologies to create an impeccable product guaranteeing comfort and style. Default front openings were not a factor of comfort for men who were left handed. Front openings are customized as per preferences of the customer. Similarly, customization in terms of size flexibility is also one amongst the several matchless firsts introduced by Design Legacy. Customization in innerwear from Design Legacy is therefore a bespoke way that proposed elimination of everyday troubles.


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